Refused Car Finance

If you have been refused car finance elsewhere, then we can help you now.

Sometimes people are discarded or refused car finance because they do not satisfy the conditions of the lenders. There can be various reasons of refused car finance but the main reason you may have been refused car finance is if you have County Court Judgements against you.

This makes no difference to us. We can still offer you guaranteed car finance regardless if you have CCJs. Similarly, if you have a bad credit history, self-employment or mortgage arrears, you may be refused for car finance. These are some reasons that become the cause of refused car finance, as most of the companies refuse car credit to their customers because of these very reasons. In most of the cases, a company informs the person about reason behind refused car finance.

The car finance specialists offer car finance to those people who are refused car finance because of these reasons and others. We do not people punish for these factors as we dont see them as valid reasons to refuse car financing to people. Most of the time people are refused car finance because of other people fault's. It is possible that they have been refused car finance by mistake. For instance, if there is a County Court Claim against you and you think it is a false claim, you must contact the Court regarding this.

If a company has refused car finance because of your bad credit history, you need to have the address of the credit reference agency that has been used by them. These agencies can provide you credit report and with their help you can analyze on what reasons they have refused your car finance. You must make sure that your CCJ has been mentioned in your credit report if you have paid it. You must also confirm that all the mentioned information about your credit is precise, accurate and without any ambiguity.

If some information has not been mentioned in you credit report, you must inform the agency and request it to update your credit report. Similarly we can help people obtain self employed car finance as we do not need proof of income to enable us to offer you 100% guaranteed car finance. All you need to do is to go for the company that can provide you right guidance by handling your case in the right way - the car finance specialists !

Another common problem with people who have been refused car finance, is getting credit or finance for things such as a mobile phone contract. There are now great options for you, if you are one of these people as with the launch of sim only deals, where companies such as even vodafone are doing non status, no credit check sim only deals, then even a contract mobile phone is no longer out of reach.

It is quite difficult or to be more exact, somewhat impossible to buy a car without getting a car on finance and if this car finance is refused, it means you may never be able to get your dream car. Before applying for car finance, you must decide what sort of car financing you want to get and what your monthly budget is, at the car finance specialists we will talk through all the finer details with you, to ensure you are happy at all times.

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