Car Finance Calculator

Car finance calculators can show you the amount you will be paying back if you decide to take out car finance.

The typical APR of car finance provided through our website is 19.9%. This means whatever the other terms of the car finance you take out are, the APR will always stay the same.

We always endeavour to find you the lowest APR rate for your circumstances, and to get a true indication of what your individual payments will be, then we suggest filling in the quick car finance application form opposite.

A car finance calculator is good if you know the exact APR rate you will be paying, however if you have bad credit or CCJ's then the rate can vary between individuals, and therefore each person is potentially different.

We ALWAYS avoid placing our applicants with companies such as ACF car finance, as they have a staggering APR rate of 44.9% (checked October 2008)

We will always try and place you a reputable dealer such as welcome car finance whom at present offer a very attractive apr of 19.9% even with bad credit or CCJ's and this is the reason they can offer you guaranteed car finance.

Car finance calculators will produce different results dependsing on the amounts you enter into them, but when you are contacted by one of our reputable companies, they will always advise you of their current APR rates, before they take you through the complete application.

Therefore it is always better to speak to someone in person about the APR rate you will receive, instead of relying on a car finance calculator.

car finance calculator

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Car Ports

If you're thinking about getting a garage for your property so that you can store your car away from weather, but are worried about the overall impact on the rest of your property, you may want to consider car ports as a nice, low impact alternative to a true garage.

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